SPEkTR live @ Loppen 20.5.2013 with our good friend B.R.A.D from Master Musicians of Bukkake covering

‘Kronborggades Venner’ 7-inch OUT NOW // feat. SPEkTR , Roxy Jules, TGTB, 4 Guys From The Future, She Talks etc.etc // Previously unreleased tracks NOW AVAILABLE at Kronborggade 3 // 50 Dkr

Celebrating the release, our sister and close friend Sidsel Hrrmansn made us a wonderfull acid trip of a video for the track ” SPEARTHROWER (TELECIDE REVISITED) // Enjoy //

– M / SPEkTR

Our awesome friend Christian Ørneborg made this short film. And he used some SPEkTR songs for the soundtrack..

This is a fanvideo made by Ustumallagam (Denial of God). Check it out!!!!!

Our friend Tor Fruergaard made this video, showing his awesome skillz to a SPEkTR song from the “B/w vs. Technicolor” album…check it out!!!