About SPEkTR

“What SPEkTR are composing, is something that uses elements of rock, surf, electronics and vocal-stylings, so that it’s rock music. But not the characteristic rock’n’roll that people associate with film-soundtracks today, it’s actually an older school….but with a futurist ambition”

-David Fricke (Rolling Stone magazine)

“SPEkTR brought hallucinations of cold war UFOs to the skies of Cascadia. Each track was lovingly degenerated into Northern drenched keyboards and spring reverb into futuristic echos of what was going to be back before the failing futures arrival. No techniques were spared Blasting these mixes back into the duck and cover surf of the cold war….SPEkTR should be the first message visiting “friends” from far off galaxies should hear emanating from a lost satellite a perfect musical rendering of the modern condition.”

-Randall Dunn (Producer & Engineer) on  the SPEkTR album “Personetics”

“Great. This Album kills and I’m still laughing”

-Jacob Bellens (I Got You On Tape, Murder) on the new SPEkTR EP “The Door is Paint on a Rock”

“SPEkTR is as complex as it is simple. As heavy as it is weightless. This is the sound of now and never. A sonical orbit correction. A sluice chamber of high voltage energy. A mission impossible. This could have been the straight result of Quincy Jones and John Barry operating the Phaza spectrometer 2134 days, 2 hours and 34 minutes in space. “THE DOOR IS PAINT ON A ROCK”, I once heard Mr. Ramdas say. If anyone could paint a door on a rock and open it. Then it would be SPEkTR! This is The Oktava of the 21st century”.

-Kim Kix (Powersolo, Kim And The Cinders) on the new SPEkTR EP “The Door Is Paint On A Rock”

“There’s a fine line between madness and sheer genius. SPEkTR walk that line with utter grace”.



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